DeskScapes 3.0

DeskScapes lets you have eye-catching animated wallpapers on your desktop
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DeskScapes is an innovative program that lets you have animated wallpapers on your desktop. Animations can include videos, as well as slideshows with eye-catching visual effects. The program includes some samples to be used as wallpapers, and most of them are very attractive. For example, you can enjoy a realistic animation of our planet spinning around its axis, or a beautiful sea bottom landscape with algae and fish in motion. In addition, you can download hundreds of animations of different kinds from the author's webpage.

In the the program's settings you can make some adjustments to improve the animations or make it so that they don't affect your PC's performance. Also, if the program is installed on a laptop, it can detect if you are running only on the battery, and automatically stop the animation to save energy.

On the other hand, the installer package brings an interesting additional program. Namely, "DreamMaker", a small application that lets you create your own animations from your pictures and videos. These files can be shared with other DeskScapes users.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • You can download hundreds of animated wallpapers
  • You can create your own animations using your videos and pictures


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